Read All About It: The Passanageset Project as reported in the Media

The Passanageset Project has been written about from several points of view. The Passanageset Project was covered by:
local print media (Boston Globe, The Quincy Sun, QATV-8, and The Patriot Ledger); and by the Indian Country Media Network; and by the US Army Corps of Engineers, who worked for years on the restoration of the Broad Meadows Marsh; and by Junior Scholastic magazine (a national, current events classroom magazine with a subscription rate of 600,000 )


Below are links to articles written about The Passanageset Project.
A. Junior Scholastic magazine feature story: “The Girls Who Found History”

B. The Boston Globe newspaper article: “Quincy’s History Girls Get Parkland Recognized as Native American Site”

C. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Environment magazine articles (2): “History Girls Complete Mission to Have Native American Site Recognized” (scroll down to page 15)


D. The Patriot Ledger newspaper article: “Quincy Students Dubbed The History Girls Dug Deeply into Tribe’s Past”

photo: Grag Derr/ The Patriot Ledger


E. Indian Country Media Network’s article “History Girls Propose Native Site Recognition for Passanageset Knoll